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Remedy means rapid resolutions

Instantly consult with experienced specialists.

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One tool resolves the simplest to the most complex concerns.

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Seamlessly refer patients when concerns can’t be resolved virtually.

HIPAA Compliant 256 AES encryption secures sensitive patient information across all devices.

Consult with World Class Specialists

Dr. Warren Strudwick consults and schedules through remedy

Dr. Strudwick is the team physician and orthopaedic surgeon for the Oakland Raiders. He was formerly the team physician for the U.S.A Track & Field Team, the Golden State Warriors, and the U.S.A Olympic Boxing Team. Dr. Strudwick completed his residency in orthopedic surgery from Stanford University.

“Remedy brings the highest levels of specialist expertise to a much broader set of patients in real time”

Mark Foran, MD, MPH

Medical Director of Health Information Technology

Faculty, NYU Global Institute of Public Health


“Remedy dramatically reduces the time patients spend waiting for specialists”

Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg, MD

Chief of Surgery, Harvard University


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Immediate responses from the best specialists in the country


HIPAA compliant, industry standard encryption

The new standard of care is here.

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